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Welcome to 

The Bahner Company is a traditional family company founded 1924. Since this time we produce machines for the headwear - industry. 

The company works worldwide and our characteristics are know-how and quality

The company works in the 3rd generation since 2000. 

We produce also other kinds of machines and special machinery for the industry. 
We develop the machines, we do the conception of machines and plants and we produce the machines. 

Products and Service: 

  • Machines for the hat industry / headwear industry
  • Machines for the beret industry
  • Plane sharpening machines
  • Cylinder rollers ( picker rollers with pins, working rollers for fulling machines / printing machines)
  • Special centrifugal pumps ( centrifugal pumps for fulling liquor, for light acid or lye liquids)
  • Special machines ( development, construction, calculation, production)

Please inform on the following pages about our voluminous capacity. 

Please look at the relative sections under contact for detailed informations or enquiries.



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