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Description of the Brim Ironing Machine

  1. The machine is used for ironing flat hat brims.
  2. The hat is wet thoroughly to the bandline. This was, a precisely marked and exact bandline is achieved which corresponds in it´s width exactly to the desired hat shape. The brim is improved essentially by this operation and is made stronger. The felt sets, the surface is made even an equal.
  3. With the machine about 20 dozens of hat brims can be ironed in on 8-hours´ shift. 12 machines of this type can be operated in turn by one unskilled operator, all of them running simultaneously.
  4. The machine parts which are moving are all running in ball bearings. They, therefore, do not require any maintenance, and are of extremely long lifetime. Two special couplings are moving the machine irons. They, two, are not subject to any wear-off.
  5. The machine is fully equipped electrically. An electrical motor is mounted on underneath the machine and drives the machine parts that are mechanically moved. Two irons and the heated ironing table can be switched on as required. The functioning of the individual heating wired can be controlled by control lamps and is adjusted by statotherm.

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