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Description of the Effect pouncing machine

By the rotary grinding pad one achieves on the effect pouncing machine high-class effects like chamois, suede, simian skin, Buffcoloured, antilope and similar.

In spite of the automatically surface treatment ruling today is, hence, this machine for remachinings of man´s hat brims and lady´s hats in these qualities necessarily.

The closed steel construction has an at an angle arranged working spindle. Hence, the greater process can observed during the whole work well with straight posture of the operator.

Four different operating speeds can be chosen by putting down a fan belt. The feed role also has 4 Speed. They are put suitably to the grinding spindle speed.

The working spindle can be equipped with a quick-stop-equipment on extra charge. The time-consuming settle of the friction pad with the paper change is thereby reduced to a minimum.

A well regulable poster permits predetermining abrasive strength. Thereby is a better work possibly. A strong dust exhaust leads the attacking abrasive dust immediately from the pad in an available extraction line or in a dust bag.

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