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Highlights of the Blower, Blowing Machine

• 8 blowing chambers
• 1 Feeder
• 1 Pre-Cleaning section integrated
• 6 electric motors and 2 geared motors drives
• Picker shafts with steel pins / Picker shafts with Picker Band
• take-up shafts from silver steel / special steel
• Sieve shafts made from perforated steel.
• Wind guide shields and racketeers for wind adjustment
• with electrical lifting device for upper box as option

Description of the Blower, Blowing Machine

The hair material mixture compound from several components is prepared in the continually operating hair preparing installation (mixing drum Type 202, Fur Transport Container Type 203, Feeder Type 205, Conical Hairmixer Type 204 with exhaustor) to blow. With this, it is guaranteed, that a good destraught, extensively dedusted and homogeneous mixture is given.

Nevertheless, in this hair material mixture undesirable components, how are kempy wool, vegetable ivory contamination, skin pieces, stuck tuft of hair and other foreign bodies, to the achievement of a perfect quality must be removed completely.

The cleaning process is carried out on the blowing machine Type 210.

The blowing machine Type 210 shows a number of devices and control elements which prove an proper result with high economic efficiency by maximum utilisation.

  1. The automatic Feeder is driven by a VFD motor (Variable Frequency Drive). The band speed is with it caparatively 1:2 adjustable. In connection with the adjustable abrasive scrapper the optimum output can be reached for every hair quality.
  2. The hair material is well opened by the picker shafts. Abrasive contaminations are already eliminated here. With two ventilation flaps the lift distribution fall under influence in the pre-cleaning chamber.
  3. The open hair material sinks as regular tuft on the sieve shaft before the first blow chamber. Two take-up shafts counterrotating turning take up the hair tuft and bring in the quickly rotary picker shaft. This combs the hair as long as by as they are held on by both take-up shafts. …

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