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Highlights of the Cone dyeing machine

– construction for

    • 1 unit – Type 1-240
    • 3 units – Type 3-240
    • 6 units – Type 6-240
    • 10 units – Type 9-240

– made from rust- and acid-resistant steel
– liquor tank with indirect steam heating for a liquor ratio of 1:20 to 1:50
– dye supplementary device
– designing device
– telethermometer
– manometer

Description of the Cone dyeing machine

On the Cone Dyeing Apparatus Type 240 even heavy and thick hat bodies are dyed thoroughly and uniformly in it´s final size. The felt is not loosened. The loss in weight of the hat bodies is much smaller than with the open dyeing method.

All parts of the machine, being in touch with the dyeing liquor are made from rust- and acid-resistant steel. The material in connection with the robust construction guarantee a long life-time.

You can put on the hat bodies on hte dyeing cones manually or by machine. This operation is easier when the hat bodies are prestretched on the stretching machine Type 222. Your have to avoid inclusions of air between the hat bodies.

It is efficient to prepare the next dyeing operation during the dyeing process, by putting on the hat bodies on a further set of dyeing cones. When the dyeing process is finished, you exchange immediatiely the dyeing cones. Thus, the downtime of the machine is reduced to a minimum. The preparing time is small by the practical design of the central looks.

The shape of the dyeing cones can be varied – on demand – in certain limits.

The coninuous dyeing can be controlled by the designing device. You put several felt disks – cut out of the same felt quality as the hat bodies have – into the designing device. These cuts colour the same way as the whole set of hat bodies. Thus, you can control the colour intensity and the uniform colouring.

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