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Description of the Sandbag press

Final shape and position is mostly given to the hat bodies by sandbagging. This operation is an ironing process with the aid of pressure and heat.

The following is a description of the different designs of sand bag presses we manufacture, with their advantages and disadvantages. Please study this booklet thoroughly and compare the various designs before selecting the design you prefer, in order to enable us to supply you with the type of sand bag press which will best fill your special production requirements.

Heating of Sand Bags

a) With steam (saturated steam of 3 atue)

The sand bags are put on a steam-heated plate and heated up. The sand bag plates we deliver are electrically welded from steel. They are delivered for a normal working pressure of 3 atue, however, are tested for 6 atue, according to safety regulations.

The steam temperature is depending on the respective steam pressure.

From the scale which you can see in the data sheet provided below you will see in that the required temperature degree for sand-bagging is reached at 2,5 to 3 atue.

This method of sand-bagging is still being used. It is very economical since most hat factories have sufficient steam at their disposal. Large sandbags can be chosen. They are flexible and adjust ot the brim of the hat very easily. Thus even heavy-bent brims can be flatted out. The disadvantage to this method of sand-bagging is that part of the sand bags are in the process of being heated up at all times and thus cannot be used for the actual work, i.e. for sand-bagging. The machine, therefore, needs much space.

b) Electrically

This above mentioned disadvantage has led to the method of heating the sand bags electrically. This can be done with the aid of heatingwires. The disadvantage to this is, however, that heating of sand bags can only be done at a lowvoltage of 42 volts according to safety regulations, meeting local codes and standard.

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