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Components of the Continually operating hair preparing installation

• Mixing Drum Type 202

• Fur Transport Container Type 203

• Conical Hairmixer Type 204

• Complete Feeder Type 205

Description of the Continually operating hair preparing installation

Different qualities of hat bodies demand the respective mixtures of hair. These are put together in the hat factories, from various types of hair, after proven recipes.

The task of the mixing drum Type 202 is, to mix intensively the various types of hair throughout, thus originating a uniform mixture of hair. At the same time, the hair must be largely loosened up by the conical mixer (204), is largely dedusted, and is blown (assorted, cleaned) on blowing machines.

The mixing drum Type 202 is designed so as to permit all functions to be performed, to pass economically and largely automatically. The large drum itself is rotating at a low number of revolutions. The picker shaft, which is inside, on the other hand is rotating at a high number of revolutions. The pointed picker pins tear up again an again the hair material falling down on them, loosen it up largely, and mix it well throughout.

The mixing time, on a time relay, can be adjusted from 0 to 99 minutes. Normal mixing time will be approximately 60 minutes.

For emptying a Fur Transport Container Type 203 specially designed for this purpose, is pushed underneath the mixing drum (Type 202). The two bottom flaps of the mixing drum are opened and the hair stuff falls into the Conical Hairmixer Type 204 underneath.

A switching arrangement, provided fot this purpose, permits the drum to be turned, at slow speed, so that ist gets into emptying position. It will often happen that the hair stuff does not fall into the fur transporting container, completely. In such cases, the drum can be so turned through two switches, in forward and backward motion, till it is emptied completely.

The installation is designed so as to permit operation at a minimum of time for attendance. The hair stuff itself is taken out manually no longer, but automatically, steered through switching arrangements. Thus, emptying the mixing drum is done in less than one minute.

The mixing drum itself works organically in a continually operating hair preparing installation. The arrangements, connected after, are:

  • Fur Transport Container Type 203 with moving floor, coupled with
  • continually working Complete Feeder Type 205
  • Conical Hairmixer Type 204 with catching funnel, and the hair box with dedusting arrangement

The size of the mixing drum depends on the quantity of hair material to be mixed. However, it should – if conditions of space permit – be chosen as large as possible, within the possibilities given.

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