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Description of the Universal Circulation Pump

On many machines being employed in the hat factories, acid-proof criculation pumps are required, for the purpose of circulating fluid (e.g. gulling liquor). The acid-proof circulation pumps commonly used cannot be employed here since normal running wheels are quickly being covered up by the hairs being in the liquid.

The standard circulation pump pictured here has been developed for the special purpose of being used in hat factories and considers all points which may appear.

For the main part, it consists of a gray cast iron pump frame which houses all parts of the pump as well as the bearings. Pump rotor, pump stator, and the shaft are made of rust- und acid proof steel of material No.14571 ( Krupp quality V4A –Special). That means they are fulfilling the highest requirements as to corrosionresistance. The shaft is borne in strong ball bearings and carries the running wheel, which is dynamically balanced.

The running wheel itself, on the sucking side, is open. It can not be blocked by any hair.

The motor pump and the electric motor are presenting one unit, this aggregate can be located on each point of a machine, independently from mechanical drive elements, without having to take any consideration to mechanical motor being mounted on.

We are installing one each of these centrifugal pumps, among others, into the following machines which we can supply:

Type 6-216 Multiroller

Type 220 Fulling Machines ( liquor circulation only upon request )

Type 234 Velour Brushing Machines ( up to 10 machines = 20 cones, can be served by one pump )

Type 240 One-Unit Sample Dyeing Machine ( rotation number of the electric motor 2820 r.p.m., capacity 1,1 kW

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