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Description of the Hat Body Blocking Machine, Cone Stretching Machine

This machine serves to stretch ready fulled men’s and ladies’ hat bodies to a requested shape and size, made from wool or fur.

The hat body is put on the metal cone, made from stainless steel, and clamped uniformly by 24 clamps in the brim, tightened with the left side tensioning lever. The working cycle is started by the right foot switch and then runs automatically.

The machine is equipped with an automatic steaming installation. During the whole stretching operation, the hat body is steamed automatically and thus is kept stretchable.

The stretching cycle being finished, the automatic steam valve stops the steam supply. Both exhaust systems begin to work, the steam is exhausted, fresh air blows through the hat body and thus it is cooled. The time of suction is adjustable with a timing relay. Alternatively, cooling operation can be done with compressed air, delivered from central compressed air system.

After finishing the pre-adjusted exhaust time, the worker can lower the perforated cone block by the unbolt lever in the middle of the machine. The worker opens the tensioning clamps and takes out the finished hat body.

The new hat body is taken in and the new working cycle can begin again.

The hand wheel in front of the machine is to adjust the height of the cone shape to the requested dimension.

By the front lever the cone can be lowered. The cone moves down immediately when the stretching process has finished and a new body can be put on the metal cone.

On request, it is also possible to deliver a water shower with automatic valve, which sprays the body with cold water after finishing the stretching operation and before starting exhausting the body. Generally, this equipment is neglected because it feeds the hat body with too much water, which afterwards has to be extracted or to be dried.

The machine is driven by a special brake motor. The machine is delivered complete with electric switch box.

The capacity of the machine depends on the adjustable exhaust time and is between 500 up to 1.000 hat bodies each 8-hours’ shift.

One worker operates 2 to 3 machines.

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