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Description of the Small centrifuge

The machine is used for extracting the water from the hats which have been wet-blocked on the wet-blocking machine with expanding. This way, by far the largest part of the water in the hat body will be separated. The drying time for the hat body having been separated will therefore, be essentially lower.

The machine consists of a main body of cast iron which on the upper side carries a water catching basket made of steel-sheet. The separator-basket itself consists of rust- und acid-proof steel-sheet and is shaped so that the hat is inserted into it with the head showing downwards.

The vertical spindle, made of rustresistant chrome-steel, is running in strong ball bearings. It is moving easily and solid.

The separator is driven by a brake motor, which stops the working spindle within seconds after the motor is switched off.

The electrical switching elements are arranged so that they can easily be operated by knee (by hand) or by foot.

The lifetime of the electrical equipment is designed for at least 10 million switchings.

The brake motor, including the brake, also will keep up to several million brakings. If handled properly the machine, therefore, it will have a very long lifetime.

The output per separator is approx. 800 to 1000 hats per one 8- hours`workshift (depending on the extracting time for one hat). The person operating the blocking machine takes care of the separating simultaneously. If a large quantitiy of hat bodies is occured, the seperating can be done by an unskilled person, who operates two separators.

Construction of the separator Basket:

  1. The separator is equipped with a circular basket in those cases where any deformations of the hat bodies during the separating process do not have to be considered. More advantageous, however, is the machine
  2. With oval separator basket. It has great advantages compared to the machine with circular basket. The hat, during the separating, is scarcely deformed at all.

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