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Highlights of the Steam blocking machine


  • 36 fingers (up to 13 cm / 5 ⅛ inch) or 42 fingers (up to 17 cm / 6 ¾ inch)
  • all fingers made of brass
  • with automatic steam valve during the blocking operation
  • with cooling ring (compressed air)
  • on demand with small compressor (not included in machine price)

Description of the Steam blocking machine

  1. The machine is designed to block ready blocked bodies after the wet blocking machine or hand blocked bodies. This is called Shaping or Styling Operation. Included in the delivery are 8 oval rings, size 54 to 61, with round fixing. Available are all sizes and kinds of oval rings, also half or quarter size. The machine has 36 or 42 fingers, which are holding the hat from all sides.
  2. Working with the machine: The hat is put into the machine, with the crown downwards. With the hand lever „A“, the clamps „P“ fix the hat from all sides. The right feet presses on the pedal „F“, the clamps are moving sidewards (stretching the brim) and the same time, the aluminium block is put into the body with the hand, pressed with the hand lever „B“ downwards. This brim stretch and crown press operation has to be made simultaneously. After leaving the foot pedal „F“, the steaming operation is stopped. The worker press with the left hand the button „H“ of the air valve „L“ and the hat is cooled with compressed air for 2 – 10 seconds, to remain in it`s final shape. Now, the complete working cycle is done in reversed direction to get out the ready shaped hat.
  3. The choice of the oval shape and the oval size (full numbers / half numbers / quarter number) is very important, and selected by the hatters style. The band line rings can be designed in every oval from oval type 32 up to 42. They are fixed in the machine and can be changed very easy. The standard of the machine is with flat brim. On demand, we can deliver also Centré. The regulare Centré has a radius from 1665 or 3200 mm.

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