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Description of the Head Ironing Machine

The automatic head ironing machine has been designed in it´s essential parts according to the latest technical knowledge. All rotating, wagging, and slowly running machine parts, without exception, are running in ball bearings. They, therefore, do not require any maintenance and are of extremely long lifetime. All rotating machine parts are encased. The design of the machine corresponds to the latest safety regulations.

The machine is driven by an electrical flange-motor over a worm gear running in oil-bath. The heating device can be exchanged quickly and easily. The temperature of the heating device can be regulated automatically by a thermostate, as required.

A switch-box contains all electrical switches. The correct functioning of the heating device can be easily controlled an a control lamp, in ready view. The head stretching device is operated by a foot pedal and is designed exactly as the head stretching device of the BAHNER Automatic Head Crown Finishing Machine.

As many machines as desired can be attached to one table.

3 spirale steel springs effect the even pressure on each part of the block. Any pressure of the arm desired can be adjusted by these springs quickly and easily. The design is so that the main pressure of the iron is moved from the middle to the edge, which is of special importance for the ironing of the bandline. The intensive and correct ironing especially near the band-line is hereby guaranteed.

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