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Highlights of the Universal Shearing Machine

Equippable after the modular system with

  • Shear head with cylinder blade
  • Shear head for comb shearing of Hauptner
  • Straight shear arm, right or left
  • Infinitely variable of adjustable feed role from 20 – 120 Upm
  • Effective dedusting unit (as option)

Description of the Universal Shearing Machine

  1. With the universal Cylinder Shearing Machine Type 2-404 can be manufactured all longhair qualities, like melousine, short velour and other rough hair surfaces, by all usual cut heights perfectly. This is valid for ready formed hats just as for hat bodies. The labour costs care are held by the choice of the Shear tools, the swivel arm and the optional feed speed low.
  2. The universal cylinder shearing machine can be equipped with three different shear heads: • Cylinder Shear blade • Comb scissors Fabrikat Hauptner
  3. Cylinder shear blades are used primarily for hat bodies and easy hat forms. For ready hats by difficult forms man uses as a rule comb scissors. Moving of a shear system causes on the other hand no difficulties and be carried out simply and in short time.
  4. The best cut picture is reached from shear heads with cylinder blade. It is to be followed, on this occasion that a strong dedusting must exist. The hair before the shear blade should be put up by the suction. At the same time the cut-off hair is led away completely. The cylinder shearing equippment works for a long period (approx. 6 weeks to 6 month) without necessity to be resharpened. A completely steady shear surface is quickly accessible. The desired pole or cut height is put by putting under of passes away high distance records. The feed role is aimed to die distance records. With a cylinder shear blade all seeming cutting heights can be clipped (from 0,5 – 10 mm / 0,02 – 04 inch).
  5. By the comb shear tools the desired cut height is reached by starting passed away of strong shear combs. It is disadvantageous that the cut height decreases by the frequent sharpnesses. The Shear speed is relatively slow. By the necessary oils of the shear combs the danger of the spor education exists. The state time of the shear combs lies with about 4 – 12 hours. The shear combs are easy and quick exchanging.

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