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Highlights of the Vacuum dedusting machine


  • Big suction volume
  • High suction pressure (pressure difference)
  • For hat bodies
  • For Capelines or gentlemen’s hats
  • For the brim of gentlemen´s hats and lady´s hats and Capelines
  • For the head of raw-formed gentlemen’s hats, with tilled vaccum aggregate
  • Nearly maintenance free
  • Quick adjustability of the suction form

Description of the Vacuum dedusting machine

Grinding operations which develop more or less strongly dust are necessary for the production of different surface qualities in felt hats. This dust settles in the hat surface or in the felt for whose distance or neutralisation the following operation are known:

1. Vacuum De-Dusting

The vacuum de-dusting caused though a relatively high amount of work involved, however, is the most intensive distance of the dust. The hat surface is hardly damaged with this operation.

2. Knocking

With woolen hat bodies from sheep´s wool the drum beater type 401 can be used. The dedusting removal is for many purposes are sufficient. A soft beating of the mostly stronger stiffened wool hat bodies is connected with this operation.

3. Neutralise

By the use of FINIMAT Systems, the dust is not sucked off with the prevailing number of the stiffening operations any more, but is rubbed in a final greater process under use by greased body tape, often with the aid of hat powder, into the hat surface. Nevertheless, de-dusting with vacuum de-dusting has turned out indispensable and is applied in the majority of the hat factories known to us differently intensive ones. In the vacuum de-dusting introduced here type 400 a powerful vacuum which also removes strong and deeprecumbent dust perfectly is generated with the help of the built-in vacuum aggregate. The suction intensity is optimal and therefore also the perfomed dust removal.

Nevertheless, it comes to no damage of the hat surface. It remains smooth and becomes steady by the Vacuum dedusting.

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